Collect data about working system

Sun 15 April 2012 by admin

Pretty simple task get information about particular system, answer read documentation about it. But what if there is no documentation or it's outdated. One of the solution is to write down some outputs of basic commands, the second solution is to use dedicated software.

The first one which I ...

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Oracle Linux - new approach

Sat 24 March 2012 by admin

Paying for subscription or doing on your own ? Choosing the second way you probably take into consideration: CentOS or Scientific Linux, but nowadays we have another player: Oracle Linux.

We offered both the base distribution release DVDs (OL4, OL5, OL6) and the update releases, such as 5.1, 5.2 ...

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SSTP with self signed certificates

Sun 11 March 2012 by admin

I was looking for VPN solution in Windows which gives an easy way to connect without worrying about NAT configuration just like in IPsec or PPTP.  The answer to my question is  SSTP, new version of VPN used in Windows 2008, which encapsulate PPP frames over SSL connection. But all ...

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libvirt 0.9.10 released

Mon 13 February 2012 by admin

Just has been released new version of libvirt with promising feature:

Add support for sVirt in the LXC driver (Daniel P. Berrange)

which could gives us:

'' The forthcoming libvirt 0.9.10 release will include support for sVirt with LXC. If this is enabled on an LXC container, then SELinux ...

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Easy way to create SSL certificates

Sun 29 January 2012 by admin

Everytime I have to create CSR or self-signed SSL certificate, I need to know complex syntax of openssl. Lately I've found easy solution to this drawback. RedHat Linux distributions all have in common dir /etc/pki which include all generated, installed keys. In location /etc/pki/tls/certs we ...

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Redmine - concepts of maintenance SA docs

Sun 15 January 2012 by admin

It's nice to have an easy way to document and track our SA activities. Moreover for me easy means semi or full automated tasks, how we can do that ?

In my previous company I was working in small SA team, we were responsible to maintain over one hundred servers ...

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Some notes about Avahi

Fri 30 December 2011 by admin

Topic clearly informs that it's my first english language post, so be patient to all my language mistakes ;) Let's get back to main topic Avahi  I would call that it's daemon which I have to disable after fresh install of RHEL compatible distros, but what's more ...

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Filesystem snapshots w systemie Linux

Fri 11 November 2011 by admin

Skojarzenie snapshot w systemie Linux przed długi czas wiązało mi się tylko z LVM'em. Jakie  mamy pozostałe możliwości wykonania migawki systemu plików ?

  • od dłuższego czasu już anonsowany system plików btrfs (brak działającego fsck sukcesywanie spowalnia jego szybką adaptację) wspiera dzięki mechanizmowi COW szybkie i lekkie snapshoty
  • hot copy (hcp ...
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HAProxy w zastosowaniach - SSL

Fri 11 November 2011 by admin

Najprościej w tym miejscu napisać, że HAProxy SSLa po prostu nie wspiera. Na stronie projektu, krótka wzmianka dlaczego zaniechano wsparcia:

Having SSL in the load balancer itself means that it becomes the bottleneck

Jak sobie zatem poradzić z tematem SSL ?

Remedium na ten problem są rozwiązania, które dostarczą HAProxy odszyfrowany ...

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HAProxy - prezentacja

Sat 08 October 2011 by admin