Videos Worth Sharing

Fri 09 December 2016 by admin

Videos is one of the easiest way to develop my skills. On the web there is a lot of news collectors, but I couldn't find a comprehensive list of videos in selected areas. So why not start a list of videos worth sharing...

Doing Ops with human principles

Sat 25 June 2016 by admin

Really good manifest of human centric Ops:

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Misc Tips

Sat 25 June 2016 by admin

Tips from different categories:

  • how to get mount point from current working directory
# while true; do findmnt . && break; cd ../;  done
  • get all exit codes from pipeline
# true | false |true
# echo ${PIPESTATUS[*]}
1 0 1
  • get list of packages to upgrade
# apt-show-versions -u
  • get reverse package dependencies (installed)
# apt-cache rdepends --installed ...
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Command buffering control

Thu 31 December 2015 by admin

Debugging output from hping3 using grep via pipes doesn't show any result. It's because hping3 output is buffered, to make things working as you expect use tool called stdbuf from coreutils package in ubuntu and:

# stdbuf -oL hping3 -S -p 80 | grep <lookfor>

it means ...

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Distributed Docker Stats

Mon 21 December 2015 by admin

Initial commit for project that helps to make: docker stats command more distributed:

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Sat 10 October 2015 by admin

After one year break I'm back. This time with new ideas more concentrating on dev side of sysadmin. The first new project called infomarquee published on github. Project brings user defined alerts in TV news station style. First iteration consist of two headlines with user defined alerts with duration ...

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New look and feel

Sun 29 June 2014 by admin

After couple months of inactivity I am starting with new look of blog site. It's not only a new theme, but it's completly rewrite engine. No more complexity of Wordpress on top of Varnish,Nginx,PHP,MySQL just pure static content generated by Pelican. Static website is served ...

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Apache HTTP Server 2.4 - error logging

Tue 10 July 2012 by admin

Apache 2.4 was introduces couple months ago. Comprehensive list of changes doesn't contain pretty useful enhancement of error logs, now it includes AH mark before each log entry. So you can easy extract and collect what kind of errors were logged. List of errors: ...

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Monitoring HTTP on-the-fly

Sun 13 May 2012 by admin

On my day to day work sometimes I have to discover what request are really pushed to my web servers without digging into access logs. So I found some handy tools.

console ready:

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Redmine - concepts of maintenance SA docs

Sun 15 January 2012 by admin

It's nice to have an easy way to document and track our SA activities. Moreover for me easy means semi or full automated tasks, how we can do that ?

In my previous company I was working in small SA team, we were responsible to maintain over one hundred servers ...

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