Collect data about working system

Sun 15 April 2012 by admin

Pretty simple task get information about particular system, answer read documentation about it. But what if there is no documentation or it's outdated. One of the solution is to write down some outputs of basic commands, the second solution is to use dedicated software.

The first one which I would recommend is cfg2html [1] it generates pretty nice looking output in html about collected data. It covers vast amount of services running on unix based operating system. It's a good start point for doing maintenance job, because you know what was before.

The second one is sos. It's a software bundled in RHEL and its derivates distros, mainly used to help support team to resolve your problems. You can collect data about particular service:

# sosreport -o ssh

or choose all plugins which covers whole operating system. Report it's placed in /tmp directory.