cisco config archive doing

Sun 19 May 2013 by admin

More or less about archiving router configuration is presented on:

I would like to add some useful command in this area:

sh archive config differences nvram:startup-config system:running-config

it's pretty self explanatory - produces output with differences between startup and running config.

To archive configuration you can add logging about entered commands

 log config
  logging enable
  notify syslog

commands are logged to syslog without password entries. Besides syslog, you can find which command was entered, using:

sh archive log config all

Using archive command you can easily rollback your configuration to previous state

configure replace ftp:<path_to_archive_cfg> list force time 10

it means that your configuration is reverted to archive config and if you don't confirm in 10 minutes, it will back to running config. To confirm configuration:

configure confirm

Moreover you can make your changes safer by doing

configure terminal revert timer 1

it will rollback your configuration in 1 minutes if you don't confirm configuration. More about this feature in great post:

clear ip nat selectively

Sun 12 May 2013 by admin

On cisco router device you can clear all ip nat translations once doing:

Router#clear ip nat translation *

but when you try remove only one translation you have to write long command i.e.

Router#clear ip nat translation udp inside <ip> <port> <ip> <port> outside <ip> <port> <ip> <port ...
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