Kind - local k8s

Sun 13 September 2020 by admin

Few words after using kind:

  • works only with docker, there is also a podman provider (not tested)
  • docker image node-image simulates a k8s node - all components in one image, started by systemd
  • docker container is priviledged
  • easy to start just use kind command, under the hood it download right node-image version and start it
  • node-image is based on base-image
  • you can run multiple node cluster
  • you can customize kind configuration ie. number/types of nodes, exposed ports to host, extra mounts, kubeadm patches
  • when you customize kubeadm section, kind on boot apply those changes
  • kind container is bound to docker network driver bridge
  • kind ships with simple CNI kindnet and it's also swappable
  • CRI is implemented by containerd
  • kind is using internal image registry
  • hard to expose services when running MacOSX, Windows, easier to expose services as k8s ingress
  • good for testing, because of fast start
  • not fully featured as minikube
  • cannot easily simulate cluster upgrade